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Meet Setsuko Hayashi, a Private Tour Guide in Japan

28 Apr

Although originally from Tokyo, Setsuko Hayashi grew up in Osaka and has called the Japanese metropolis home for much of her life. Setsuko speaks impeccable English (she was an English teacher for many years) and her ability as a guide is the result of several seminars and five years as a licensed tour operator. She specializes in private, tailor-made tours of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara.

Meet Setsuko!

Meet Setsuko!

The main objective of Setsuko’s tours is to help foreign visitors experience and understand Japanese culture and history. She strives to make her excursions unique, building itineraries to suit your preferences and leading you through the highlights of Osaka and the surrounding area via public transportation, allowing you to see the city’s best sites and at the same time providing a up-close encounter with the everyday flow of Japanese life.

Setsuko offers both private individual and group tours in Japan, custom-designed to fit your preferences and expectations. There is no better way to experience Osaka and the surrounding area than with a knowledgeable and professional local private tour guide in Japan. They are there to make your trip as worry-free and educational as possible and to introduce you to the sort of places most tourists don’t usually get to see.

Check out Setsuko Hayashi’s Viator Private Tour Guide profile for more details of her private Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara tours and further information on how to contact and book with Setsuko.

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Meet Private Tour Guide Beatrice Martin in Bordeaux, France

27 Mar

Beatrice, private tour guide in Bordeaux

Meet Beatrice!

Although originally from France, Beatrice has been living and traveling in foreign countries for much of her life. After studying Travel and Marketing in the United States, Beatrice spent a few years living in Spain, where she worked for an international hotel company. Her travels then brought her to southern Turkey, which she opened her own tailor-made worldwide VIP tour company and scuba-dive center.

Now Beatrice has returned to her native France to establish herself as a private tour guide in the beautiful Basque region. During her 25 years of working in the tourism industry, she has learned a thing or two about what it takes to give her clients a tour that is truly unforgettable. Beatrice, of course, speaks fluent English and French and as your guide in the Basque Country and Bordeaux area, she will help you discover this culturally rich region through the eyes of a local.

Beatrice specializes in wine tours around St Emilion, Bordeaux, Medoc, Biarritz and San Sebastian, but she can also arrange personalized tours that your interests, including wine and spa weekends or tours that include golf and yoga. Current wine tours offered exclusively by Beatrice include ‘The Pau and Jurancon Vineyards Tour’ and ‘Wine and Haute Cuisine Weekends’.

Besides her extensive work in the travel business, Beatrice is also a yoga teacher, an Ayurveda therapist and a scuba instructor — an excellent companion to have around on your tour around the Basque region.

Check out Beatrice Martin’s Viator Private Tour Guide profile for more details of her private France tours and further information on how to contact and book with Beatrice.

Meet Private Tour Guide Beatrice Martin in Bordeaux, France Bordeaux , France , Viator Private Guides

Meet Private Guide Kevin O’Brien in Panama

20 Mar

Meet Kevin O’Brien, one of Viator’s local experts in Panama with a license to provide private tours.

Kevin O’Brien is an American expat from Massachusetts who has called Panama City home for the past 9 years. At this time, he has acquired 12 years of professional guiding experience, and he even operates his own local guide company called Barefoot Panama.

Panama monkey

Let Kevin show you the wildlife of Panama!

One of the big focuses for the company, besides showing visitors the time of their lives, would be the attention to nature and the local economy. Kevin and his team do their best to use local businesses for everything from accommodation to local tours. In respect to the environment, they practice low-impact tourism and fly with CO2 offset airlines.

With Kevin and Barefoot Panama, visitors get to choose between simple day trips all the way to extended vacations. The San Blas Island tour, for example, goes for 2 days and includes all meals, transport (a flight to the islands) and sunshine. A full 8-hour trip to the jungle is another tour option. It includes a visit to Monkey Island, Soberania National Park, the Gamboa Rainforest Resort and an Indian village.

But don’t think you have to subscribe to a standard tour with Kevin. He prides himself on being able to accommodate the needs of his clients – helping to create custom tour itineraries when desired. It’s easy to kick back and relax when all of the travel planning has been taken care of by someone  who is both experienced and a local.

If you plan to travel to the sunny tropical surrounds of Panama, be sure to check out Kevin O’Brien’s Viator private guide profile and book a tour in advance.

Meet Private Guide Kevin O’Brien in Panama Panama , Viator Private Guides

Meet Private Tour Guide Igor Kasatkin in St. Petersburg, Russia

10 Mar

Meet Igor Kasatkin, one of Viator’s local experts in St. Petersburg, Russia with a love of history and a desire to introduce that history to visitors from around the world.

St Petersburg private tour guide

Meet Igor!

Igor Kasatkin calls himself a “PhD-wielding smarty-pants type”, but the kind that won’t overwhelm travelers with too much information (unless of course that’s what you want). The brilliant part of this statement is the proof that Igor is a knowledgeable guide – one who can provide the background on the walking tours that makes the magical city of St. Petersburg come to life. Not only will visitors marvel at the European vibe of the city with all of its canals and ornate buildings, but with Igor as a guide, you will step into another world with its stories of intrigue and mystery.

It’s no secret that Igor’s specialty is history, but he is also extremely well versed in art history and architecture – both of which, we think, make the perfect combination for brilliant city walking tours. Some of his top featured tours include:

  • Hermitage history
  • Murders that changed the world’s history
  • Feel yourself like a Russian
  • St. Petersburg city history and architecture

Another perk of booking Igor as your guide is his claim of speaking a very fluent and fluid English. Having learned English from the source (from true English speakers), he speaks with proper intonation and without that stereotypical harsh Russian accent. We love a good Russian accent just as much as the rest, but we also agree that it can take away from the stories and tour in general if you are constantly needing to concentrate on what your guide is saying.

If Igor sounds like the guide for your upcoming visit to this Russian city, then be sure to take a further look at his Viator private guide profile and book a tour well in advance.

Meet Private Tour Guide Igor Kasatkin in St. Petersburg, Russia Russia , St. Petersburg , Viator Private Guides

Meet Private Guide Karolina Olgers in Amsterdam

5 Mar

Meet Karolina Olgers, one of Viator’s local experts in Amsterdam with a license to provide private tours of this famous Dutch city.

Amsterdam private tour guide Karolina

Meet Karolina!

Karolina Olgers speaks 6 languages and, having been on the tour guide circuit for over 20 years, continues to thoroughly to exude a manner that is young at heart and excited. She will help you uncover Amsterdam in all its glory whether it be your first trip or your fifth – especially with her extensive knowledge and passion for art history, fashion, design and architecture. This combination of passions, we feel, are exactly what is needed to get a better feel for the city overall.

Since Amsterdam is the perfect place for trying your hand at riding a bike again, Karolina goes beyond providing simple walking tours. She can set you up on a bike tour, or a tour by car, bus and boat. She can help you explore the infamous Red Light District all the way to the Anne Frank Museum. A dull tour is not an option in Amsterdam, and it is definitely not on Karolina’s agenda!

Once you fall in love with your tour guide in Amsterdam, you will want to continue the experience on other travels throughout the Netherlands. Luckily, Karolina is also proficient at offering tours to Haarlem, Keukenhof, Delft, the Hague, and Rotterdam to name a few. Have a love for the stereotypical rustic windmills of the Netherlands? You better believe Karolina can arrange that tour as well.

Karolina offers a passionate guiding service designed to help visitors dig deep into the many crevices of Amsterdam. If you’re heading to the Netherlands in the near future, be sure to learn more about her tours on Karolina Olger’s Viator private guide profile right now.

Meet Private Guide Karolina Olgers in Amsterdam amsterdam , Netherldands , Viator Private Guides

Meet Private Tour Guide Aykut Altinisik in Antalya, Turkey

5 Mar

Meet Aykut Altinisik , one of Viator’s local experts in Antalya, Turkey, and a licensed private tour guide.

Antalya private tour guide

Meet Aykut!

When Aykut says he can open your eyes to the ancient wonders of the Mediterranean, he definitely means it. Tour guides come in all shapes and sizes, and with all varied degrees of backgrounds – art history, linguistic studies, tourism – but Aykut is special. Aykut’s background is based in archaeology, and as a trained archaeologist, he takes the journey across some of the world’s most ancient sites to a new and real level.

Just imagine visiting such local Antalya jewels as Hadrian’s Gate and Old Town, and then on to surrounding ancient cities of Aspendos and Perge, with an experienced guide that has a passion and career in the archaeological world.

Some sample tours to explore with Aykut include Antalya walking tours, Antalya culture and gastronomy tours and private archaeological tours. For those looking to get out of Antalya, Aykut possesses a vast knowledge on nearby cities of Perge, Aspendos, Side, Phaselis and Termessos. One of these tours takes visitors around for 6 hours to explore the Karain Cave – the oldest cave settlement in Turkey – and on to Termessos, which is home to a national park that houses rare plants and animals.

Transportation in a private car or van (with air conditioning) can be arranged for Antalya sightseeing, while Aykut’s standard out of Antalya tours include transportation in the price. Aykut has you covered!

Planning a trip to Turkey and the Antalya region soon? Don’t hesitate to learn more on Aykut’s Viator Private Guide profile and book a tour well in advance.

Meet Private Tour Guide Aykut Altinisik in Antalya, Turkey antalya , turkey , Viator Private Guides