Banff’s Radical Reels Reigns on YouTube

25 May

With its 2008 incarnation now touring theaters around the globe, the Banff Mountain Film Festival is generating a web buzz as well.

Users on our favorite guilty pleasure video sharing site, YouTube, voted last year’s trailer promoting the festival’s Radical Reels category one of the best sports videos. With almost 26,000 views, 2007 Radical Reels video is a dramatic montage of outdoor action sports featuring athletes in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable–underground ice cave climbing and downhill mountain unicycling to name a few. But there’s substance, too: The trailer also shows snippets from some of the festival’s longer, more thought-provoking films to counterbalance the archetypical footage of daredevils’ antics that we love to watch.

Still undiscovered by the YouTube audience (for now, at least), the 2008 Radicals Reels trailer (which we embedded above) is definitely worth a watch. This year’s films can be viewed in their entirety during the Radical Reels tour, hitting 13 states and four Canadian provinces this year.

–Lucas Pollock

Banff’s Radical Reels Reigns on YouTube


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