Travel Supermarket – Capture the Colour travel photo competition

24 May

Colour is such a big part of travel photography. It’s what leads an eye into the photo and helps to tell a story.

As part of the  Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour Competition we have selected photos from our travels around the world for the following colours. (Thanks to Ken Kaminesky for nominating us.) What is great about this competition is that Travel Supermarket has selected a panel of judges to determine the winner for each colour category so there is no voting on your behalf.

All you have to do is enjoy the photos. We’d love it if you any or all the photos to pin them and share them with your friends.

Green – Walk through the gardens of a Hunter Valley vineyard

GREEN: Emma’s Cottage Winery Hunter Valley

I love this picture of Kalyra exploring the gardens of Emma’s Cottage vineyard in the Hunter Valley. It’s almost like the green mini-forest is opening up a path for her.

Red – chilis in China

Chilis in China

RED: Chilis in China

We stumbled upon chilis growing as we were trekking through the Longshen terraced rice fields of China.

White – White Temple Chiang Rai Thailand

Travel Supermarket White temple Chiang Rai

WHITE: White Temple Chiang Rai

The White Temple of Chiang Rai Thailand feels like your visiting an arctic winter wonderland without the chilly temperatures.

Blue – Biking on Rottnest Island Perth

Travel supermarket photo contest

BLUE: Biking Rottnest Island

A favourite place to visit and activity in Australia would be to bike around Rottnest Island -a stunning car free island off Perth.

Yellow- Wallaby supporter at the Rugby World Cup, New Zealand

Travel Supermarket : Capture the colour- yellow

YELLOW: A fierce Wallaby supporter at the Rugby World Cup New Zealand

There was certainly a sea of yellow during last years Rugby World Cup in New Zealand which Craig experienced on the Great Crusade. I love the spirit of this supporter!


We’d like to nominate the following five bloggers to take part in the Travel Supermarket Capture the colour competition:

Green Global Travel– Bret and Mary travel the world capturing the colours of conservation and eco tourism

Matt Gibson– Matt is all about social responsibility and shares the eco-friendly, outdoor adventurous world through his stories and photos.

Budget Travel Adventures – Jeremy loves to share how you can make travel a part of your life.

Zigazag Mag Jo has been an expat adventurer for many many years and now inspires others to live for the moment, love adventure and do something awesome.

Time Travel Turtle Michael is travelling around the world indefinitely and his travel stories go deeper to look at the people, the culture that lay behind the brochures.

Which is your favourite photo from our submissions above and why?

Travel Supermarket – Capture the Colour travel photo competition

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