Travel Plans For The Rest of 2012: Im Moving to India!

24 May

With time comes change and I couldn’t stay in South America for ever.  I have recently visited my second to last country in South America, Peru, and plan on visiting Ecuador as well. The continent has been more than kind but I feel that it is time for a change.  I am ready for something completely different.

I already made plenty of changes for my travels in 2012 and the 2nd half of 2012 is going to be just that, different.  Really different, like I’m moving to India different.   I am the South America expert as I am one of the few people that I know of that has truly visited every single country (and tourist attraction) in South America.

How many people do you think have visited the Guyana’s?

Most people don’t even know they exist. I also have done every major tourist attraction on the continent as well, the only ones I’m missing are Galapagos islands and Easter island which I’ve recently made reservations for. The focus for my move is more than just travel as I have begun to teach day traders how to make money in the markets.

Visiting IndiaThat’s Me & India.. that’s how we get down

At the end of last year, I was convinced by a very high number of day traders to start helping them make money with my day trading strategy since they weren’t getting enough help from other companies I have been a part of. I remember I was living in Ethiopia at the time and was very hesitant on training other people.

I was already doing a great job of balancing traveling and day trading and didn’t know if I wanted the extra responsibility of teaching others how to day trade as well. Fast forward almost a year later and I have a full fledged day trading program that teaches people how to day trade via the Day Trading Academy.

The reason why I tell you that story is because the reason why I am moving to India is because I plan on starting a day trading center.  I am already looking at the prospects of opening a day trading center here in my current home in Brazil and have also made preliminary plans to open a center in Colombia as well.

Before India, I’m going to visit the one place that I refused to visit until I was old, Europe.

I always detested traveling to the continent because everyone travels to Europe. I like to visit off the track places where modernization has not ruined cultures and local habits such as Somaliland, South Sudan, the Guyana’s, Ethiopia, and even Madagascar.

The reason for my visit to Europe is I have been invited to Belgium to promote the Flanders Festival. I’m really excited to be part of another press trip after the success of my trip to Israel.  The Flanders Festival will be in September, after which I plan on visiting my European crush Barcelona.

We have been flirting with each other for quite some time and now I won’t let her out of my grasp. There’s always been something about Barcelona that has fascinated me and it has always been my favorite Spanish city.

That’s a lot to say for someone that has never visited Spain.

I also wanted to attend various travel Expos including the World Travel Market, TBEX Europe, and possibly TBU (travel bloggers unite).  I have also signed up to be at the 2012 Money Show in London, it will be great to see my day trading brethren.

I have a lot of friends in London and since the city is a day trading hub I would love to be able to spend a month or two there. If anyone knows any great furnished apartments to rent, definitely send them my way.

I might do something exotic and unexpected like seeing the most visited city in the world, Paris, but I really have my sights on doing something crazy and visiting Turkey.  It is now the eighth most visited country in the world with no surprise.

Ghent FestivalGhent Festival Promo!

Setting up a base in India will prove to be difficult as I have not decided exactly where I want to live. The most obvious choice will be Mumbai as that is the financial center of the country and that is the best place to start a day trading center. My move to India will probably start in late November to early December and I can’t wait to share the stories via the day trading blog.

I’m going to see a if the Indian consulate in Brazil will allow me to get a visa here. The idea is to combine the time it takes to see all of India with the time that it’s going to take to build the day trading center. I always like to see and do everything in a region and the size of India, as well as a things to do, are very underestimated.

I estimate that the subcontinent will take a minimum of six months to see, consider that will only be the highlights.

I also like the fact that India is in the center of all of the places I want to travel to. With Dubai growing as a great base and new airlines like Ethiopian airlines rising I will be able to get in and out of Europe, Asia, or even Africa within a few hours.  Onward to Europe and India!

Travel Plans For The Rest of 2012: Im Moving to India!


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