Plan B: Rainy day distractions at Walt Disney World

23 May

Rainy days and video games: Find refuge from the storms at DisneyQuest, a 5-floor, indoor theme park.

Floridians toss around a familiar saying during the summer months: “Don’t like the weather? Wait 10 minutes.” And nowhere is that more evident than the daily thunderstorms that strike from June to August. Fortunately, these storms tend to be brief and cooling. But they can certainly impact a fun day at Walt Disney World if there’s not a backup plan ready for action.

My first suggestion would be to “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Come armed with ponchos (or purchase them at the park) and hang out. Pick a good, long indoor attraction — or commit to a longer queue — and ride out the weather.

You’d be amazed at how quickly the parks clear out at the threat of rain, and how much more you’ll be able to see and do!  Do note:  If you plan on this approach, please make sure that every person in your travel party is wearing water-friendly footwear like flip-flops or Crocs. There is nothing more uncomfortable than navigating a park with wet socks and shoes.

But if you have little ones or are on stroller duty, the idea of marching around in the rain may be pretty unappealing. Easy. Head back to your resort for some downtime. Explore your hotel, check out the décor (and hidden Mickeys) or stop by the check-in desk to learn about a host of family activities.

Hop on Disney’s famous “Highway in the Sky.” You can take the resort monorail loop and get off at each stop. Make sure you try the Epcot route once, too. It’s a pretty ride from the Transportation and Ticket Center over undeveloped wetlands and around Future World. Since the monorail stations are all covered, there’s no chance of getting wet.

DisneyQuest is a great indoor option that will take up an entire day. State of the art video games highlight this air-conditioned electronic paradise. It’s especially fun to design and ride your own crazy roller coaster; whip up one that makes Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster look tame!

And finally… head to the spa.  Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort boasts a gorgeous spa that welcomes the weary traveler with soothing massages, refreshing facials and rejuvenating pedicures. While these are definitely not for the younger set, surely grownups will appreciate the incredible restorative power of an hour of blissful pampering.

The rains in Florida should, by no means, deter you from planning your summer getaway to Walt Disney World. They are predictable, and that helps make them manageable. Besides, they’re usually over by the time nighttime events are slated to start, and it’s nice to have the temperature drop a dozen degrees before the night heats up with fireworks, parades, dancing and cocktails.

Plan B: Rainy day distractions at Walt Disney World

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