Monday Travel Update – Gwaii Haanas Edition

23 May

I’ve just set off for Gwaii Haanas National Park. For the next 4 days and 3 nights I’ll be exploring the islands and visiting abandoned Haida settlements in the park. As the park doesn’t have roads or even toilets, I’ll be offline until July 6, which is a really long time to be offline for a guy that runs a blog for a living.

Yesterday I celebrated Canada Day in Port Clements, BC by watching their annual mud bog races. They set up a track in the mud and people can test their off-road vehicles to see how quickly (or if they even can) complete the course. It was very entertaining and a great way to celebrate Canada Day in Canada.

I also had the pleasure to meet a local Haida artist, Christian White, who is a woodworker who creates totem poles among other things. It is impressive how much effort and time goes into the creation of just one pole. I have some great photos that will be coming from this trip.

After I get back from Gwaii Haanas I’ll be spending an evening in Vancouver before heading to Sweden for the first time. The nordic countries have been suspiciously absent from my travel history and I’ll be able to visit Sweden and Denmark for the first time on this trip. I’ll be visiting the Volvo plant in Gothenburg, Sweden and then driving around the Swedish countryside for several days in (you guessed it) a Volvo.

July 13 I head back to New York where I’ll be for about a week having business meetings and catching up with friends.

If you are in Vancouver and would like to meet up on the evening of July 6 let me know. I’ll be staying near the airport but I can probably take the train downtown.

Monday Travel Update – Gwaii Haanas Edition


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