Learning How To Speak Chilean Spanish

23 May

Learning how to speak Chilean Spanish is something that you honestly, don’t want to do.  I am a native Spanish speaker and when I first arrived in Chile & started living in Santiago, I couldn’t understand the majority of people that interacted with.  Before arriving in Chile, I thought that they spoke another “understandable” form Spanish with a high possibility of having a different accent.

The way I can describe it is by asking someone to speak Spanish and then putting them on 10x fast forward.  The only thing that you end up hearing are the Chilean known words “po” and “catchay” at the end of the sentence. Watch the video below to understand what they mean.

Before knowing anything about Chile, it was my understanding that the Caribbean countries of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic, spoke the worst Spanish.  I now have to put Chile on top of this list because when most people speak you can’t even understand what they are saying.  There are many things to love about Chile but their Spanish and ugly jeans are not on top of the list.

Learning How To Speak Chilean Spanish

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