The Road to Jasper

22 May

A3.jpgThe plan for today was to get from Banff to Jasper which is about three hundred kilometres northwest through the Columbia Icefield and Jasper National Park. We really got lucky because the weather was ideal to do one of the world’s most scenic driving experiences. Highway 93 weaves through the most majestic mountain views, emerald coloured glacier-fed lakes and abundant forest landscapes. Everywhere we looked we were surrounded by breath-taking beauty. Everyone in the car was pretty quiet just taking in all in.

We made a quick stop at the Columbia Icefield which as the name suggests is the home of a huge glacial icedrift. Unfortunaely all the glaciers in Western Canada are receding glaciers which means more snow and ice is melting that is being replaced each year. Experts claim that within 75 years there will be no glacial ice left in this part of Canada which is unsettling after having the privilege of just seeing them in all their magnificence.


Our next stop was the BEST WESTERN PLUS Jasper Inn & Suites for two nights. This is a fantastic property with outstanding mountain views everywhere you look making every room a mountain-view! Jasper is a terrific four season destination with access to skiing, snow-shoeing, snowmobiling, and in the warmer months some excellent golf, fishing, hiking and long-distance cycling. The most difficult thing to do is figure out which of the activities to partake in when you’re here for a short time.

Once we got settled we decided to head out for dinner and made our way over to “Evil Dave’s” which had been highly recommended. It had a really cool vibe and I highly recommend the “Malevolent Meatloaf”.

After dinner the adults returned back to our balcony for wine and conversation. Being five thousand feet above sea level (in Toronto we’re only about 700 feet above) enhanced the star-gazing experience as we were closer to the sky!

So I’m curious to know, what are your favourite mountain views?

The Road to Jasper


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