CityLife Apartment Living in Auckland

22 May

I walked in the door to the CityLife Apartment in Auckland and immediately longed for a longer city living stay.

I miss living in an apartment in a major city. Somewhere that is within walking distance to all sights, great restaurants, bars and cafes. I hate having a car and much prefer to rely on my feet to get around. I think you get to know the heart of a city when you do.

We lived in an apartment in Dublin that was only a short walk into the city centre; Bangkok a stroll to Khao San Road and London was not far from all the action as well.

Granted, I never lived in an apartment as nice as this one, which made me want to stay even more.

Staying at CityLife has definitely sparked a desire for us to travel more using apartments as our preferred accommodation choice. It is a fantastic option to save on spending money eating out, and for children as they get their own room.

It was the highlight of our trip to New Zealand for Kalyra as she had a TV in her room. Mummy and Daddy were just as excited, as we got the comfy bed with views of Auckland Harbour all to ourselves.

We were only a short walk away to Auckland Harbour which meant dinner, a few beers and a late night stroll. It felt wonderful to return to the comfort and space of our CityLife apartment.

We put our feet up on the couch and laughed our heads off to Hangover 2 with a glass of wine while the girls slept soundly in their beds. Now that is the kind of holiday that parents love to have.

Check out the comfort and style of our CityLife apartments.

Citylife apartments Auckland

Great second bedroom!

Citylife apartments Auckland

Citylife apartments Auckland

Our haven

apartment stays in Auckland

Relax time

apartment living Auckland

Save on eating out

Citylife apartments Auckland

Spacious and light

apartment stays in Auckland

Great showers

Citylife apartments Auckland

Savannah approves

CityLife Apartments

Ideally suited for the business traveller or those wanting long stay accommodation
Location: 171 Queen Street Auckland

CityLife Apartment Living in Auckland


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