Bullet Train Day Trip from Tokyo

21 May

No image is more representative of Japan than the legendary Mt Fuji. The highest mountain in Japan is also just sixty miles away from Tokyo, making it the perfect destination for a day trip. Tokyo’s hustle and bustle are great, but there’s nothing better than escaping the madness and learning more about Japan in the best way possible, through its natural beauty.

The Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Bullet Train Day Trip from Tokyo is one of the best ways to explore the diversity of Japan without sacrificing a lot of time. Our day began early but the bus was prompt as we joined our fellow day-trippers for an adventure in the Japanese countryside. Led by our veteran tour guide of thirty-five years Toko, we not only got to witness the beauty of Japan firsthand, but learned a lot about its history and culture as well.

Without question, the star of the day trip was the iconic Mt Fuji, a must-see for any visitor to Japan. Even though it was foggy the morning we visited, traveling up the mountain to the fifth station gave me perspectives of the mountain many don’t get to see and forged a deep appreciation for it, in spite of the snow and fog.

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji

While Mt Fuji may be an important stop on the day tour, it’s certainly not the only one. After lunch at a nearby hotel, the day trip continued on to Lake Ashi. The site of a mythical dragon that used to plague the shores, Lake Ashi today attracts more visitors for its views of Mt Fuji than its dangerous monsters. A twenty-minute boat ride took us to Hakone and a cable car trip up the mountain for the ultimate in panoramic views.

Lake Ashi

Lake Ashi

I stood there facing against the wind watching the countryside expand below me and it was at that moment more than any other that told me I was indeed in Japan.

Our day concluded with a trip on the famous Shinkansen Bullet train, a must-do activity for any travel enthusiast. Riding on the bullet train fulfilled a boyhood dream as we raced across the hills and valleys back to Tokyo. The bullet train was the perfect finale as we said goodbye to the pastoral side of Japan and hello to Tokyo with its bright lights and omnipresent crowds.

Bullet Train Station

Bullet Train Station

Bullet Train Day Trip from Tokyo


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