A City Trip to New York

21 May

New York is a mesmerising city offering many a dream-come-true moment and countless once in a life time experiences.  Like walking onto the set of your favourite Hollywood blockbuster, the visions before me as I exited the subway into Times Square seemed unimaginable, and on first glance I was paralysed.  Neck craned, mouth open, I had arrived and this was certainly going to be a trip to remember!

New York (2)

Times Square

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York offered breathtaking scenery no matter where you looked both night and day.  In fear of missing one second of my magical experience, I too adapted the city’s insomniac attributes, firmly grasped my camera in both hands like the typical tourist, and set about my exploration.

First stop, the Empire State Building.  If I thought my view from ground level was incredible, I had seen nothing yet!  The observation deck proved just how vast and ever-growing this dominant city was.  Millions of lights lit up the whole landscape and stretched for miles as far as my wide eyes could see.

The bustling streets enforced the busy lifestyle of all its inhabitants, and I couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities.  Surely this thriving community had much to offer any traveller, aspiring entrepreneur, the common socialite, avid shoppers, film fanatics, and the plain hungry.

If my appetite hadn’t already been fueled enough, the variety of food and portion sizes left nothing to be desired.  A short trip to the M&M store satisfied my sweet tooth, and the consciousness of having large fast food stores every few yards kept me confident I was never going to go hungry.  There was no wondering why the Americans were so well known for their large waistbands; pancakes and donuts on the breakfast menu…just another extravagance I suppose I was willing to take full advantage of whilst there.

New York (1)

New York skyscrapers

What better way to walk off my indulgence, I thought, than through Central Park.  Hailing a taxi was extremely easy and the horse drawn carriages looked like a romantic choice of transport; however, choosing to discover the natural beauty by foot proved rewarding.   Adventure playgrounds, zoos, lakes, memorials, boat houses and ice rinks were just a small selection of attractions housed by the beautiful landscapes.

From the rural and relaxed to the commercial and crowded across the road, thousands of stores dispersed me into retail heaven.  An array of fashion and electrical stores I’m positive could maintain the attention of both male and females for hours, gave me the opportunity to purchase many a souvenir to remember my visit in years to come; not that I was likely to forget anytime soon!

My last stop and probably my most memorable experience was my ferry ride to view the Statue of Liberty.  This towering monument made to portray a universal of democracy and freedom, further enhanced my love for this beautiful city’s diverse culture and sense of authority.

New York (3)

New York skyline


A City Trip to New York


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