The 2012 Olympics Are Here!

20 May

London 2.jpgWith the Olympics finally here, my travel scope is tending to be to be a little more worldwide. So, in the spirit of these Olympics and my love for worldwide travel, I have constructed a Gold, Silver and Bronze ranking of summer travel destinations around the world.



Bronze – Patagonia, Argentina
If you are anything like me, the constant heat of the summer starts to get old around August and due to the heat, you haven’t done much mountaineering in several months. That’s why the Patagonia makes the perfect destination for mountain junkies. Some of the world’s most dramatic peaks challenge world-class adventurers, while casual hiking through the high valleys of the impressive mountain range can also be just what the doctor ordered for a more relaxing summer escape. World class skiing is also available for the ski fanatic who’s been off the slopes for too long.


Silver – Wales
Wales is not only hosting several of this year’s Olympic Soccer matches, but also has a very rich history and culture. The Wales area has been inhabited by people all the way back from the end of the last Ice Age. This means that Wales is dotted with a nearly endless number of historical sites to admire. Aside from just the Neolithic periods Wales also has hundreds of medieval sites and castles to tour. Especially considering its temperate climate, Wales is looking to be a fine choice for summer travels.


Gold – Bali, Indonesia
Some of you summer travelers may not be looking escape the heat. For you folks, there’s the Gold medal destination. Indonesia has over 17,000 islands. This kind of volcanic activity, this close to the equator results in some spectacular seascapes. Indonesia is home to 20% of the world’s coral reef, which supports nearly 3,000 fish species. It’s almost impossible to dive off of any beach in Indonesia and not be struck with one of the most breathtaking scuba experiences you’ve ever had. Even for divers on a budget, Indonesia offers some highly affordable diving!


The 2012 Olympics Are Here!


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