Crazy Sand Sculptures

19 May

Summer is here! Shake the dust off of your flip flops, slap on some sun cream and dash to the beach as quickly as you can. Enjoying the sun and chilling on the warm sand is just what you need after a long, cold winter. Until you get bored… Time for some sandy action – let’s build castles!

Boy Castle (1)

Fun times (1)

OK, so castles are fun fo sho, but there is more to explore. Check out some of these amazing sand sculptures!


Crazy castle (1)

Crazy castle (2)

Milan Cathedral (1)

Milan Cathedral (3)

Hanging Garden (1)

Hanging Gardens of Babylon: wondrous (4)

Jigsaw Puzzle Man (7)

Find the missing piece (5)

Cheeky Monkey (1)

Cheeky Monkey (6)

Darkness (1)

Following the sandy brick road (7)

Fight (1)

Beach warriors (8)

Shakespeare (1)

Shakespeare at the beach (9)

Fishy (1)

Looks a bit fishy (10)

Sand Face (1)

In your face (11)

Tires (1)

Tyre, anyone? (12)

Dog (1)

Puppy love (13)

The things you can do with sand…it’s unbelievable! Did this post inspire you too? Book your beach hotel and get on it! Don’t forget to send us some snap shots!

Conclusion pic (1)

Bucket and spade (14)


Crazy Sand Sculptures


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