Another Great Trip Comes To An End

19 May

Rockies.jpgToo soon, it was time to bid Calgary, the Stampede and the glorious Rocky Mountains farewell. This trip was definitely one of our best as a family and it was really special to have thirteen of us together for most of trip. Travelling is all about experiencing new things, growing, learning and most importantly making memories. I can safely say mission accomplished on all fronts.

For my mother-in-law it was the first time in her sixty-six years (we were able to celebrate her birthday during the trip) that she had ever been west of Ontario. It’s always amazing to see the reaction of people who witness the beauty of the Rockies for the first time. They really are inspiring. Mary also loved the warm buffet breakfasts we enjoyed from BEST WESTERN to BEST WESTERN across Alberta!


For my parents it was an opportunity to spend significant time with our kids. Since they moved to Calgary in 2007 they have not had the chance to spend as much time with them as they’d like. I snuck in a round of golf with father and that was a lot of fun too.

My kids will remember the time they were able to spend with their younger cousins in the great pools and waterslides at the BEST WESTERN ‘s across Alberta, but in years to come I think they will reflect on the mountains and other experiences along the way. They also loved seeing the horses, especially at the opening day parade. Seeing Clydesdales for my son was a treat, in person they are so big and magnificent.

For me, there were a litany of highlights. It was a great opportunity to experience four more BEST WESTERN properties, including my inaugural stay at a BEST WESTERN PREMIER. The King Suite rivals any five star property that I have ever stayed in.

Pancake breakfasts are a stampede tradition and who doesn’t like to start their day with coffee, pancakes and sausages.

I’ll also remember how intimidating a bull looks and how quickly I realized riding one is something I’ll let the real cowboys do!

Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise are always special. The gateway to the Rockies are remarkable and the atmosphere is amazing. Jasper and the drive to Jasper from Banff was a definite highlight, it was almost like watching a scenic movie as we weaved and dipped through some of the best landscape this country has to offer.

One real special memory was getting our feet ankle deep into Lake Maligne. We took a great picture and I think I’ll look back on that photo and cherish that extra special moment.

We also met some really terrific people along the way, some that we will make an effort to stay in contact with. All great trips must come to end but the good news is there’s always another to look forward too.
Where is the next place you’ll making more memories?


Another Great Trip Comes To An End


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