3 Reasons My Kids Love Hotels

19 May

Amy.JPGAny time our family is driving down the highway and my kids spot a blue and yellow sign they shout out BeWe–in our family that means you’ve seen a BEST WESTERN hotel! These kids, ages 7 and 9, have fallen in love with the hotel chain. It makes sense. I work for BEST WESTERN and my kids have stayed in BeWes all over the country. But there are three main reasons why this hotel chain continues to win over their hearts.


Amy1.JPG 1) Swimming pools. Over 90 percent of BEST WESTERN hotels have swimming pools and my kids are always excited to jump into the water. Parents might have grand plans for all sorts of vacation activities, from hikes to museum visits, but let’s face it, kids just want to play in the pool.

Amy2.JPG2) Fresh waffles. Many BEST WESTERN hotels serve free breakfast and many have waffle-making machines. Pour in some batter, wait a couple minutes, and presto, you’ve got a piping hot, perfectly crisp waffle. Pass the syrup, please!

Amy3.jpg3) They’re everywhere! From New York City to Memphis, Tenn., to the Grand Canyon. BEST WESTERN hotels are all over the United States, not to mention the world. Paris? Yes! Budapest? Of course. My kids love the consistency of staying at the same chain (and I love racking up the rewards points). They like screaming out BeWe every time they spot one from the freeway. First one to see the BeWe gets bragging rights for the day in our family!

3 Reasons My Kids Love Hotels


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