Places that I am DYING to visit in 2012

18 May

Traveling around the world for the last few years and sharing my adventure via this website has been nothing short of amazing. I never knew that so many people would be interested in my travel blog stories and the way that I make a living day trading & travelling.

I have now been to roughly 50 countries across five continents and have lived in about 10 countries as well.  My travel plans for this year are going to send me to new destinations that I have never been to before and also a move to India for my day trading business,

I made some changes to the way I travel year and I realized that living overseas isn’t always as cracked up as it sounds, you did hear how my laptop blew up right? Even though I have traveled so extensively in the west there are still places I want to visit in the world, it seems that the wanderlust can’t escape even a seasoned traveler like myself.

segesta temple, sicily greek temples, doric temple segesta, greek temple

One of my pictures from my life in Sicily

Places that I am DYING to visit in 2012


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