The Vibe Hotel North Sydney- Harbour views and great location

17 May

When we stay in Sydney for the evening we always gravitate to the side south of Sydney Harbour around the Rocks and Surry Hills area.

I’m not sure why, it just feels closer to the action.

I never really thought about staying on the North Sydney side before until recently when I stayed at The Vibe hotel North Sydney for the Blogopolis conference.

I think it could now be my preferred area to stay.

It’s just as close to the city if you were to stay in the Surry Hills area. What is so great about its location is that you can walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge into the city in just 30 minutes.

Does anyone realize what a great feature this is?

Starting or ending your day with one of the best harbour views in the world. Not to mention during the night when it is all lit up and sparkling.

Sydney Opera House

Of course we know location is not everything, although in a city as beautiful as city it racks up the points.

The Vibe hotel is also opposite Milson’s Point station giving you quick train access to the city should laziness override your opportunity to take photos and experience what’s so great about this city.

You can also catch a ferry over the harbour from this side as well.

We have stayed at the Vibe Hotel before located near Central station and loved it. The hotels are really modern and you guessed it have a great VIBE!

We find them to be also decently priced especially considering location and for the Vibe Hotel North Sydney, harbour views from the hotel room

I almost cancelled on our pre-conference drinks as I was so in love with the view. I wanted to curl up on the couch with my bottle of wine and just stare at Lavender Bay as the sun retired.

I could even see part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Lavender Bay offers a gentle more peaceful view of the harbour and just below is the popular theme park Luna Park.


sunset view from Vibe North Sydney

Sunset view

wine and views Vibe hotel

Fancy a wine with the view?

Vibe hotel north sydney


I was not disappointed by the sunrise view in the morning either. I was lucky I had to get up so early to catch it. Otherwise I would never have moved from my comfortable bed.

The bed was perfect for a tired Mumma who rarely gets a moment to herself or a full night’s sleep.

Murphy’s Law will state though that the one time a mother gets on her own away from the baby who wakes several times a night, she will wake with eyes wide open at 3am and desperately try to get back to sleep unsuccessfully.

Vibe hotel north sydney

places to stay in Sydney

Vibe hotel North Sydney

I almost had the perfect start to the blogging conference, with a walk across the Harbour bridge for the most spectacular Sydney winter morning.

Except, I was running late (except I wasn’t really as I had the start times wrong) and I refused to give up that view by catching the train, and then my phone fell out of my coat pocket and I had to run back along the bridge to try and find it before the villainous people of the world stole it.

Except there were no villainous people, only kind ones who handed my phone into the bridge guard!

Lucky I was not speaking until the end of the conference so I had time to defrazzle!!

The Vibe Hotel North Sydney- Harbour views and great location


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