Business Class on Swiss

17 May


Rarely do I ever fly business class.

In fact, I can honestly report that I practically never fly in the front of the plane. Usually I am in the middle seat of the last row–the one where the seats don’t recline and it smells faintly chemical and latrine-y. I’m not complaining at all. For me, the destination always outweighs the means it takes to get there. A man who rode a bunch of buses for 10,000 miles has no right to get picky about planes . . .

However . . . should the opportunity for pampering arise, I will take it without qualm. Thus I departed dear Switzerland on Swiss, with its red and white-crossed wingtip to remind me of the land I was leaving behind.

I’ve always felt that flying a country’s flag carrier should always feel like being in that country and in that regard, Swiss did not disappoint. Flying back from Zurich (ZRH), I was able to stall my departure from Switzerland for eight more hours.

Something I enjoyed about my flight was the Taste of Switzerland program on Swiss, where different regions of Switzerland are highlighted with each of the in-flight meals. On my particular flight, the menu (designed by Chef Alexander Kroll of the Widder Hotel) focused on Canton Zurich, including local specialties, and (my favorite), local cheeses from the region.

After eating a five-course meal and several follow-up courses of chocolate bon-bons, I passed out horizontally in my business-class seat and slept soundly until I woke up on approach of New York City.

Not a bad way to travel. Not at all.

Now all I need to do is coordinate my next trip with Taste of Switzerland’s Engadin program.

But for now I am home, back in America, the cowbells still ringing in my ears and a handful of Swiss chocolate to tide me over . . . until next time.

Chocolate? (Photo by Andrew Evans, National Geographic Traveler)

Business Class on Swiss


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