Incredible Street Art from Valparaiso, Chile

16 May

I went to Valparaiso specifically to see the world class street art that the city is famous for. I had heard that the city was a treasure trove of world class street art, and it did not disappoint! The city’s stunning backdrop, which has been compared to San Fransisco, is a perfect setting for the world’s finest street artists to frame their work.

I didn’t want to miss out on any of the great pieces, so I asked Al Ramirez of Valpo Street Art Tours to show me around. Al is the resident expert on street art in Valpo. He’s a personal friend of many of the artists, and has helped set up international festivals to bring in talent from around the world to Valpo.

Street Art Valparaiso

Above is a picture of Al. Al grew up in New York City, but moved back to Chile six years ago. He is 100% fluent in English and Spanish, and was a fantastic source of info and insight into the street art scene in Valpo.

The above piece was created by La Robot de Madera. The woman was painted by Saile, who has a very distinctive style, with his trademark angular eyes.

Graffiti in Valparaiso Chile

This is another piece by by La Robot de Madera. In graffiti circles, a crew is a group of artists who frequently paint together. It can also include other factions of hip-hop culture, including DJs and b-boys.

Valparaiso Graffiti

A piece by Stinkfish

Incredible Street Art from Valparaiso, Chile


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