Blooming Tulips! (Best Spots to See Spring Flowers)

16 May

tulips.jpgThere is nothing like spring season. The world is starting to wake up from its winter sleep and the flowers are opening up to greet the earth like old friends. It’s the time of the year where inspiration hits us like the break of dawn and we are overflowing with plans to get out on the road and seek adventures. There is no better way than being surrounded by earth’s beautiful bounty to appreciate nature. Areas with good rain and sunshine are the perfect ingredients for a blooming field of flowers. Here are some states bursting with all sorts of flowers to make spring time absolutely magical.


State flower: Coast Rhododendron
Washington may have a lot of rain and clouds for most of the year, but it is a perfect nursery for flowers to bloom like crazy. It’s not rare to drive down the road and find fields of wildflowers that will make you want to frolic. With lots of national parks and wildlife, be prepared to fall in love with what Washington has to offer.

State flower: California Poppy
It sounds more exotic when you hear roses from Ecuador or Peonies from England, but California is the largest producer of fresh cut flowers in America. With stable weather pretty much all year round, California has it all. You can drive anywhere in California and find everything from urban life to rural country. If you are ever in San Francisco, don’t hesitate to stop at the famous Flower Mart that’s open to the public. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of different varieties of flowers in one spot. Can we say flower heaven?

State flower: Mountain Laurel
When people think of flowers, Pennsylvania isn’t the first state that pops into their head. Pennsylvania does have a historical advantage though. It hosted the first flower show in United States in 1829 when the first Horticulture Society formed in 1827. Today, the Pennsylvania Flower Show is the largest indoor flower show in the US. This famous show features floral and landscape designers’ displays and boasts a marketplace with special events every year. It’s something you don’t want to miss, when you are in Philadelphia.

While you are on the road seeking the best places to quench your flower cravings, don’t forget to stay at Best Western hotels with locations all over the country.

Blooming Tulips! (Best Spots to See Spring Flowers)


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