Spring Training Review: Arizona & Florida

15 May

With baseball season chugging along and Spring Training in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a look back at the 2 cities that host your favorite teams every year. Many Major League Baseball fans make the journey to follow their favorite teams to their respective sides of the country for some casual baseball and warm weather.


With Kansas City dominating the Cactus League in Arizona and Baltimore edging out the competition in the Grapefruit League of Florida, there was lots of action for fans to catch this spring. Arizona and Florida are used to increased throughout their warm winters, but during the early months of the year a special feeling arises in the both areas. Friendly rivalries appear as local businesses fly the flag of the team they supports. Athletes and celebrities frequent local bars and hotels creating a warm buzz excites the locals as well as the visitors.

Both Arizona and Florida are full of clean and comfortable Best Western accommodations to ensure that you enjoy every year of Spring Training. Best Western hotels can be found nearby each Major League team stadium in the US. Enjoy America’s favorite pastime from preseason to the World Series in the World’s Largest Hotel Chain.

Have you been to Spring Training in Arizona or Florida? Which do you prefer?

Spring Training Review: Arizona & Florida


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