Radium Hot Springs equals Awesome!

13 May

The area is arguably the most beautiful part of Canada and this in a country that is known for it’s natural beauty. Despite being surrounded by the Canadian Rocky Mountains and at the edge of the breathtaking Kootenay National Park, the area, known as “Radium”, is famous for the therapeutic Radium hot spring pools.


The hot springs were named after the radioactive element when an analysis of the water showed that it contained small traces of radon which is a decay product of radium. The hot springs complex itself contains two large pools, one with hot water for soaking which is typically about 104 degrees (hot tub worthy temperature!) the other a 2/3 Olympic swimming pool that is closer to 84 degrees. There is also a hot-tub sized pool that has been dubbed the “Plunge Pool”, because the water can be hot – right from the source at a scorching 114 degrees – or cold, right from a creek running beneath the pools. You take the risk!

Once you are feeling like a million bucks again after a soak in the hot springs you can always drive 100 miles north to Banff. The drive itself will be fabulous but once there take a hike, play an unforgettable round of golf or just hang out in one of the best resort towns on the planet!

Radium Hot Springs equals Awesome!


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