Oahu Submarine Scooter Adventure

30 Apr
A couple enjoying the Scooter Adventure.

A couple enjoying the Scooter Adventure.

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with the fishes but felt nervous about your skill level and knowledge of the underwater world, the Oahu submarine scooter adventure is a great way to explore under the sea without any dive experience. I got the chance to go on a two hour adventure out in the beautiful Maunalua Bay, just off of Hawaii Kai, motoring around on an underwater submarine scooter in 30 feet of clear blue water.

Captain Joey giving instructions

Captain Joey giving instructions

The tour started off as we boarded a large 40ft two-story vessel, and headed out to sea. Captain Joey manned the boat, while safety divers and crew, Mike and Kellen provided details of what to expect from the experience, as well as sharing Hawaiian folklore about historical sights. I took in the 360 degree view, with the distinct and iconic outline of Diamond Head Crater to my right, Koko Head Crater standing out proudly back on land, and whales spouting in the distance.

The crew getting the gear ready

The crew getting the gear ready

After we arrived at our dive site, Captain Joey brief us on how to operate the scooters, explaining that the scooters used the same theory as turning a glass upside down in a bucket of water, where air would remain in the space between. All we had to do was simply duck under the sub and emerge in the protected bubble, sit ourselves comfortably on the seat, press the air-controlled motor to move forward, and steer much the way we would a bike.

Safety divers

Safety divers taking photos

Three safety divers were in the water with us the entire time to make sure we were okay, and to point out wildlife and take photos for purchase after the tour. There were 14 people and five scooters in our tour group, so while some of us were underwater, the others could make use of complimentary snorkel gear or lounge on the boat and soak up the sun.

Sea Turtle swimming nearby.

Sea Turtle swimming nearby.

Entering the water on my scooter was a surreal experience. The fish swam toward me and I felt like I was in a giant aquarium, with colorful fish and sea turtles at arm’s reach. Kellen took photos and showed me various sea life, communicating with me through underwater motions. Turtles slowly glided by as I motored around and checked out the coral and sea urchins on the ocean’s floor and watched colorful fish swim under the waves.

Oahu Submarine Scooter Adventure


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