30 Apr

A panel of travel industry judges selected Best Western Fan Awards finalists from submissions by Best Western properties all over the world in various categories. We then took the finalists for each of the eight categories and put them up on Facebook and had our fans select the overall winners of the Best Western Fan Awards.
To celebrate these awards, Best Western selected one Best Western Rewards member to win a trip to one of the winning hotels. Join us as we follow that lucky Best Western Rewards member, Timothy Riner, and his girlfriend Dallice, on their adventure to Rome, Italy!


On Easter Sunday, Dallice and I started off on our trip around 3 a.m. as we drove to the San Francisco International Airport. Once we got to the airport and made it through security our trip had officially begun. The flights seemed like eternity as we both were overly anxious and couldn’t wait to be in Rome. We watched various movies on our flight, as we constantly checked the on screen flight map to see where in the world we were and counted down the hours to landing in Rome.

Day 1

Dallice and I officially landed in Rome. We waited in the airport for our transport shuttle to pick us up and take us to the BEST WESTERN Hotel Spring House in Rome. This hotel won the Best Western Fan Award in the “Most Unique Guest Room” category. We were so excited to finally be in Rome, and getting a chance to have the trip of a life time thanks to Best Western. About five minutes into our shuttle ride, our driver wasn’t really paying much attention and cut off another driver. We swerved and then came the horns. Our driver made a few more of these little mistakes, but it’s something we definitely won’t forget.


Once we made it to the BEST WESTERN Hotel Spring House, we were informed that we weren’t to check in for a few hours. The staff gave us a map, took our bags, and pointed us to the bus stop and subway station so we could explore the city. It took us about an hour to find the subway station, which we walked around three or four times before we realized it was a subway station. We hopped on the subway, went to a downtown tourist shopping area and went through store after store. When in Rome, watch for cars, because they have right of way and you don’t! After several hours it was time to head back to the BEST WESTERN Hotel Spring House. We were given our room key and showed to our wonderful fashion room (definitely is very unique). Dallice and I were so tired from our travels that we basically just slept and rested the rest of the day, so that we could be ready for day 2.



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