Harley-Davidson for the Home

29 Apr

I’m a lucky man. I have to admit that. My wife not only supports my love of motorcycles, she shares it. She has no desire to operate the bike. She wants to be the best pillion possible, and she succeeds. When it comes to decorating the house, we have more of an equal-to-equal relationship, though I must admit that I take the back seat in many matters, especially matters of color.


I am fully aware that most non-riders have a hard time understanding why motorcycling motifs tend to migrate from the garage into the home. My wife embraces the Harley-Davidson design language, though, particularly the Art Deco elements of Harley. Classic H-D was born and flourished in the same time period as the art movement, and many of Harley’s best-loved iconography still retains an Art Deco flavor. It’s easy to inject a masculine flair into interior design with a well-chosen Harley-Davidson collectible, without overwhelming the room with the feel of a garage.

The kitchen is the first room where the H-D flavor usually creeps in. Just about every utensil, serving dish, plate, cup and bowl can be replaced with a Harley-Davidson licensed product, if you so desire. A few functional items are usually enough, though. I’ve got my eye on a very cool bar-and-shield logo wall bottle opener, which I’m going to hang on the wall over my trashcan. Some cool H-D barware will also make it into our collection, because what’s better than talking about bikes with friends over a few drinks?

In the office, I have a few die cast models displayed in a cabinet, along with my collection of HOG and event pins. I’m a sucker for pins, and I like to have them out where I can see them, so they can bring back memories.

We haven’t exactly banished Harley-Davidson from the bedroom. We’re still on the lookout for the perfect collectible to add to our decor. Perhaps a wall lamp made out of an old gas tank? I wonder if I can sell that one…

In the living room, you’re likely to find a travel photo or two in a licensed Harley-Davidson frame. In my house, you’ll also find a great portrait of my bike, Manny the Sportster. Perhaps there’s also a needlepoint pillow cover that depicts a gorgeous 1937 UL Knucklehead, the height of Deco style. And on the mantelpiece, a stunning new addition: a lamp constructed of salvaged motorcycle parts, including a carburetor, air cleaner and exhaust pipe. You have to see it to appreciate it — and my wife bought it for our living room. Like I said — I’m a lucky man.

Harley-Davidson for the Home


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