A Sleep Vacation?

28 Apr

Have you ever had one of those light bulb, Eureka type moments? Perhaps Oprah might call it an “a-ha” moment. Well one hit me last night. I was at an event in Hamilton speaking to a University student who hadn’t slept in a day and a half as she crams in the studying to prepare to write her final exams. During the discussion she told me that she just needs to get through the next week and then she and a friend are heading on vacation. I joked back “yeah, you’ll need a sleep vacation!”


I woke up today and the idea was starting to form. A sleep vacation, that makes great sense and as a professional who has spent the last decade in the travel and tourism industry something I hadn’t heard of. I thought of all the people, new parents, stressed out colleagues, hockey parents, partners of those who snore, that would benefit from a sleep vacation and the target market and opportunity start to seem endless.

Coincidentally, I stayed at the BEST WESTERN Primrose Hotel in downtown Toronto in March when I participated in Best Western’s Business Travel Summit and I was so taken with the quality of the bed and pillow that I commented about it upon check out. I have stayed at hundreds of hotels and had never felt compelled to comment on the quality of the bed. I remember thinking how nice it would be to take a day and just stay in that particular bed.

As an avid iPhone user I have recently downloaded a cool app called Sleep Cycle
It acts as a terrific alarm clock but also measures the quality of your sleep. It will even wake you at the most appropriate time to feel most rested! Everything was starting to come together nicely.

The more I thought about it the more confident I felt that I had stumbled onto a whole new vertical for travel companies to market to, sleep deprived individuals. Low and behold though a quick Google search brought back reams of options. Another innovation award down the drain. Some resorts have gone so far as to offer a Sleep Concierge, pillow menus and loads of accessories to help sleep seekers get some solid REM type rest! Brilliant!

I have not have been the first to pioneer the idea of a sleep vacation but never the less I think there is a huge demand. I hear from people all the time to claim they need a vacation after their vacation because they spent so much time trying to see and do everything. Would you gravitate to vacation designed to truly have you come back feeling rested? I know I would.

A Sleep Vacation?


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