Visiting Jordan: First 4 Days in Pictures

5 Apr

Visiting Jordan has been quite eye opening.  Exploring the capital of Amman and the surrounding areas for only 4 days it has been nothing short of spectacular.  Sand storms, elevated security thanks to a President Obama visit, sunsets, ancient Roman cities, desert castles, oh my!

The winner of the contest to Jordan arrives tomorrow after we get settled on the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea.

Many don’t realize that the Dead Sea is one of unique natural landmarks on Earth.  We can’t give enough thanks to the Jordan Tourism Board for sponsoring the trip for us.

The Dead Sea is shrinking at an alarming rate since it is rich in minerals.  The plan is to pump water from the Red Sea in order to help but that officially hasn’t been agreed upon.  The Dead Sea has such a high level of salt that one can actually float in the water without ease.

This will be my second visit to the Dead Sea!  The heated debate remains of who has the better side of the Dead Sea.  I will remain partial and just enjoy it one more time.

The picture below shows my first experience in a sand storm.  President Obama was delayed on his trip because of the storm and instead of flying he needed to travel via car to get to his destination.  The photo was taken from the same location at the gorgeous Le Royal Hotel here in Amman.  It was quite a sand storm!  Can now cross of bucket list number 324654247 of experiencing a sand storm in the Middle East.

Sand Storm

Sand storm in the Middle East that we witnessed in Amman, Jordan

Visiting Jordan: First 4 Days in Pictures


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