So Scenic: Rooms with amazing views

11 Mar

Atlantis, the Palm in Dubai

Sea and Be Seen: The Poseidon and Neptune Super Suites at Atlantis, the Palm in Dubai offer incredible aquarium views.

Face it: everyone wants a “room with a view.” After all, the designation usually connotes an idyllic oceanfront, skyline or mountain setting. At a few spots, though, it’s really taken to heart.

Take Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, site of Universal Studios Singapore, as an example. There, 11 two-story “ocean suites” await at the on-site Equarius Hotel. Gazing through the first-floor window right into the 12-million-gallon tank at Marine Life Park will keep you busy for a while. But if you happen to tire of that, you can always hit the casino.

If water is your thing, you might also check out Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, which houses two three-floor underwater suites with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking an aquarium. During your stay, make time for a dolphin encounter, and relax knowing that a private butler has your back.

Then again, there’s always industrial-meets-modern Silogie, a Netherlands-situated B&B with rooms set in a converted silo facing the meadows or village of Epe. Awash in wood and brick, the suites have private entries and kitchenettes, paving the way for comfortable stays.

At Madrid’s avant-garde Hotel Silken Puerta América, on the other hand, you can expect a trippy—not tranquil—sojourn. Each of the property’s 12 floors is designed by a different, notable architect. Some are straight-up strange, like the Jetsons-esque Corian sprawl by 2004 Pritzker Prize winner Zaha Hadid. And if you happen upon the floor four, expect to face Eva Castro and Holger Kehne’s steel-faceted space, which exudes a disorienting, airplane cabin vibe. Do you get a restful sleep? Not really, but it sure is an experience.

If you prefer to remain Stateside, consider flying to Seattle for a respite at the Rolling Huts. Situated in Washington’s Methow Valley, the modern wheeled “huts” offer an alternative to camping, with mountain views and all the comforts of home.

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