Meet Private Tour Guide Igor Kasatkin in St. Petersburg, Russia

10 Mar

Meet Igor Kasatkin, one of Viator’s local experts in St. Petersburg, Russia with a love of history and a desire to introduce that history to visitors from around the world.

St Petersburg private tour guide

Meet Igor!

Igor Kasatkin calls himself a “PhD-wielding smarty-pants type”, but the kind that won’t overwhelm travelers with too much information (unless of course that’s what you want). The brilliant part of this statement is the proof that Igor is a knowledgeable guide – one who can provide the background on the walking tours that makes the magical city of St. Petersburg come to life. Not only will visitors marvel at the European vibe of the city with all of its canals and ornate buildings, but with Igor as a guide, you will step into another world with its stories of intrigue and mystery.

It’s no secret that Igor’s specialty is history, but he is also extremely well versed in art history and architecture – both of which, we think, make the perfect combination for brilliant city walking tours. Some of his top featured tours include:

  • Hermitage history
  • Murders that changed the world’s history
  • Feel yourself like a Russian
  • St. Petersburg city history and architecture

Another perk of booking Igor as your guide is his claim of speaking a very fluent and fluid English. Having learned English from the source (from true English speakers), he speaks with proper intonation and without that stereotypical harsh Russian accent. We love a good Russian accent just as much as the rest, but we also agree that it can take away from the stories and tour in general if you are constantly needing to concentrate on what your guide is saying.

If Igor sounds like the guide for your upcoming visit to this Russian city, then be sure to take a further look at his Viator private guide profile and book a tour well in advance.

Meet Private Tour Guide Igor Kasatkin in St. Petersburg, Russia Russia , St. Petersburg , Viator Private Guides


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