Lincoln Landmarks

7 Mar

So, you’re an Abraham Lincoln historical buff? Well, you aren’t the only one. Especially since the recent feature film debuted, interest in The Great Emancipator has sky-rocketed. Historical sites like the Lincoln Memorial, Ford’s Theatre and Gettysburg, PA are seeing more visitors than ever. But where can a true Honest Abe Addict turn to get away from the crowds and have a more personal experience with the United States’ 16th President? Here are a few suggestions:


Hodgenville, KY – Abraham Lincoln was born in a humble, one bedroom cabin on Sinking Farm on February 12, 1809. You can see a recreation of the cabin in a museum built on the same plot of land. Also nearby are his boyhood home and other memorial sites.

Washington D.C. – Even in D.C. There are still several sites that are a bit more off the beaten path, such as Lincoln’s Summer Home. Aside from the White House, this is where Lincoln and his family spent most of their time during his presidency. It was a place of refuge and protection for the Master and Chief during the Civil War and a very significant place for his family. Another D.C. destination is the Peterson House. It was here that Lincoln lay wounded after his attack in Ford’s Theatre. Mary Todd and their child waited in the parlor as physicians saw to the president. He would later die in the bedroom.

Springfield, IL – Illinois has cheerfully taken upon itself the nickname, The Land of Lincoln. The city of Springfield is home to the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. This is a must see for any real Lincoln enthusiast and it is a more recent addition to a myriad of Lincoln landmarks. You are sure to learn something new during your visit here.

Each of these locations feature nearby BEST WESTERN accommodations. Whether you’re planning a family road trip or taking a tour of your own, we will be happy to provide you with a comfortable place to stay.

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