Monday Travel Update – Thawing Out in El Salvador Edition

12 Feb

Starting line of the Yukon Quest

Starting line of the Yukon Quest

The last ten days has been extremely busy for me. I’ve traveled from Costa Rica to the Canadian Yukon and then south again to El Salvador where I am writing this today.

Traveling from Central America to northern Canada in the Winter and back has to be the most jarring change in climate that I’ve experienced in all my travels. Nonetheless, I managed to handle the transition pretty well. I picked up cold weather gear in Texas that had been sitting at my manager Amy’s house since I got back from Antarctica. That plus the gear I was able to borrow in Whitehorse made the experience very doable.

I visited the Yukon back in the summer of 2011 and it was a very memorable experience. Returning in the winter was no less so, but totally different. I was there as part of a media trip to photograph the Yukon Quest sled dog race, but we managed to fit in many other things as well.

One of the things was actually going dog sledding and running my own dog team. We went to the Sky High Wilderness Ranch outside of Whitehorse where they keep a kennel of 150 dogs. Each member of our group had a team of 4 dogs and went out for a 16 mile run.

It was one of the best experiences I’ve had during my last 6 years of traveling. The dogs are extremely anxious to run. There is no way to make them go faster, nor is it necessary. There is only a brake to slow them down. If you fall off your sled the dogs will not not stop for you. They will just keep running.

I also got to travel back up to Dawson City, which is 175 miles below the Arctic Circle. It is an interesting place in the summer and it is even more so in the winter. The people who choose to live in Dawson City during the winter are an interesting lot and what makes it such a great place to visit.

My trip to the Yukon was also a bonanza for photography. I’m very pleased with the images I captured and you will be seeing them in the upcoming weeks. I plan on editing most of them while I am in Central America.

As for my time in Central America, I am on my first trip of the year with G Adventures. It is the Mayan Ruins & Culture tour which goes to three countries (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala) and 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It will give me a chance to visit a part of the world that I haven’t really explored before and will also serve as a great bookend to the trip I took to the Mayan Rivera back in September, 2012.

Monday Travel Update – Thawing Out in El Salvador Edition


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