Best Travel Gadgets 2013

11 Feb

travel gadget.jpgJanuary marked the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and in conjunction my blog about the best travel gadgets for 2013. To be honest, “best” may be the wrong word, let’s label it as the top five that got my attention.

The first is perhaps a future gift for my father, Metal Detecting Sandals. These gems cost roughly $60 USD and will help even the most amateur archaeologist uncover what truly lies beneath the sand. The upside is how much more portable this unit is than the “old-school” hand held wand, this straps to your calf with a battery pack, with the sensors literally in the sole of the sandals. The downside is at present it is only accurate to about two feet and the weird tan line on your calf is going to be hard to explain.


Next is a very practical solution to very common travel problem; keeping your electronics charged. The Innergie PocketCell Duo is able to charge two devices at once from its dual, rechargeable 6800mAh lithium-ion batteries. Just plug into the two USB ports or use the Magic Cable, which includes a 30-pin Apple connector as well as micro-USB connectors and voila you can easily and quickly recharge your device from any USB power source!

The third gadget that caught my eye will appeal to anyone who has ever lost his or her luggage. The Trakdot Luggage Tracker can literally pinpoint your suitcase using a chip that can be packed away in any bag. So if you are in Philadelphia and your bag is in Chicago, you still have an issue but at least you know where your bag actually is. The cost for the chip, which is about the size of an iPad, is roughly $50 USD plus you will have to pay $12.99 a year for the service. Good news is its FAA approved already.

Planning to head to Winnipeg this February and worried about the cold. Take preventive measures with the ThermaCell Heated Insoles. Slip the insoles in any shoes or boots and you can lock and load for five hours of continuous warm tootsies. They cost about $130 USD and run via a wireless remote control.

My final pick for 2013 is the FitBit Flex. At half the cost of the Nike Fuel Band this will help the avid traveler keep those new years resolutions intact. The band will track steps taken, the distance travelled in a day, calories burned and even your sleep quality. The data is then sent to the FitBit website and you can analyze how you are eating, sleeping and working out during your journey.

Any gadgets that caught your eye that we should know about for 2013?

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