Long Weekend Guide to 2013: Presidents Day

2 Feb

This Month: Presidents Day, Feb. 16-18

Mount Rushmore

Make your Presidents Day weekend, ahem, rock. Photo: iStockphoto

Ah, Presidents Day. For some, it’s an opportunity to remember lesser lights of the executive office like James K. Polk and Chester A. Arthur. For others, it’s a three-day weekend. If you’re planning to get away for the holiday, why not maintain a thematic consistency and visit somewhere with a presidential history? Here are a few of our recommendations.

What better way to celebrate el dia de los Presidentes, as it’s known in Spain, than at the Hall of Presidents in Disney World? Spend time in the company of all 43 American presidents eerily recreated as Animatronic presidents uncannily delivering some of their finest moments. When Stepford Jimmy Carter starts bemoaning the national malaise, the whole family will thrill with delight—and may actually learn something.

In October of 2012, a Secret Service agent charged with guarding Barack Obama was found passed out on a Miami sidewalk after a night on the town. While the details of the rogue agent haven’t been made public, we know it’s never difficult to fall into a drunken stupor when you’re enjoying Miami’s famed nightlife. We’ve been there, too.

New York
Naturally, New York has played home to endless presidential history—the birthplace of Teddy Roosevelt, the Chester A. Arthur House, and Ulysses Grant’s tomb (really) are all in city limits. But why trod tired ground when you can hire a Barack Obama impersonator like Maxwell Price and make some history of your own?

New Orleans
Visit the city with a rich history of JFK assassination lore. Visit the site where the conspiracy was plotted by ex-CIA agent Guy Bannister. See the home of former New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison who reopened the investigation into Kennedy’s death. Or you can just check out the French Quarter—we hear it’s quite nice.

During its brief tenure as an independent nation, the Republic of Texas elected some presidents of its own—four in fact. Our personal favorite has to be David G. Burnet, who challenged Sam Houston to a duel twice and wore one hell of a chin beard. For more official presidential fare, the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is a mere 90 minutes away.

San Francisco
Even the hotels in San Francisco have a long history of bipartisan bickering. The Fairmont has played home to Democratic presidents Truman, Kennedy and Clinton. While the St. Francis hotel, just a few blocks away, is favored by Republicans. Gerald Ford was almost shot as he left the hotel in 1975, and Ronald Reagan was a regular guest.

There’s speculation that Barack Obama could house his eventual presidential library in Hawaii—the president’s well-documented, though moronically contested, place of birth. (Though we kinda doubt it.) The island’s perfumed air would surely mottle the precious papers and memorabilia of Obama’s tenure in office. And more to the point, we find it very hard to believe that anyone in Hawaii would forgo the beach so they could read up on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, as awesome as that sounds.

Atlantic City
Erstwhile presidential candidate Donald Trump has his name gilded on three Atlantic City hotspots—the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino and Trump Marina Hotel Casino. The Boardwalk was also host to the 1964 Democratic Convention: Book a presidential suite and raise a three-olive martini to the ghost of LBJ, who was nominated that year.

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