Meet Private Tour Guide Márta Pitti in Budapest, Hungary

1 Feb

Meet Márta Pitti, one of Viator’s local experts in Budapest, Hungary with a license to provide private tours.

Meet Viator Private Tour Guide Márta!

Meet Viator Private Tour Guide Márta!

Márta Pitti was well on her way to living the life of a high school English teacher when suddenly she had an epiphany and decided to change roles. With her fluent English and Italian language skills, and of course her native Hungarian, Márta determined that working as a tour guide would be right up her alley.

It was also during the switch that Márta explains she suddenly fell in love with Budapest—a city she had moved to after university graduation from her native Hungarian countryside.

Now Márta runs private tours in Budapest on a range of subjects and themes to “present its history, architecture, legends, culture, the way of life in the past and the atmosphere of the present.” Choose from unique themes, such as “Eclecticism and Art Noveau” or “Musical Budapest”; and from different tour styles, such as walking tours, bus tours, or a boat tour on the Danube River.

Beyond guiding actual tours, she makes herself available as a full service operator in order to book hotels, transportation, and reserve tickets to cultural activities on your behalf. Sounds like a great private guide to help take the stress out of the entire travel experience in Budapest!

Lucky tourists with extra time in Hungary will be pleased to know that Márta Pitti does not limit her guide services to Budapest alone. Having come from the countryside, she uses her knowledge to provide tourists insight into lesser-explored regions of the country, including Pécs, the Tokaj wine region, Lake Balaton, and Szeged. Pécs, in fact, held the title of Culture Capital of Europe in 2010, which goes to prove there is so much more to be explored in Hungary than just the big city of Budapest.

Check out Márta’s Viator Private Tour Guide profile to learn more about her services, as well as book a private tour before your upcoming travels to Budapest.

Meet Private Tour Guide Márta Pitti in Budapest, Hungary ,


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