Travel Update: One Month on the Road

31 Jan


Australian East coast road trip

The car is getting packed and we are about to pull out of the driveway.

We’re off on a longer family holiday. We travel a lot and lately it has been short trips and family weekend getaways. That has been all we have been able to manage with work, time and financial commitments.

An opportunity came up, we took it and said “Stuff it, let’s just go for longer.”

We’re always talking about let’s just make it happen. We have worked so hard to create a portable business so we can just do that.

It’s only for a month but it’s a good warm up for us as we are planning for longer ones to come.

Let’s see where we are headed:

Road trip Sydney to Brisbane – 1 week

We will be stopping at a few different places along the Legendary Pacific Drive and doing some family activities on farms, rainforests and beaches. We’ll be stopping at The Manning Valley,  South West Rocks, Coffs Harbour, Yamba and Byron Bay.

Kalrya is most excited about tring to catch butterflies at the Butterfly Farm in Coffs Harbour.

We’ll be finishing off for a night at Mantra Salt Kingscliff which has been on our bucket list for years since we have heard everyone raving about it.

What I am most excited about though is catching up with one of my best friends Woody! (Or Karen to people who don’t know her) One of my favourite travel buddies and we will be having a drink together as we have not in years due to being separated and juggling pregnancies and babies. Look out Kingscliff.

P&O Cruise to Pacific Islands – 1 week

Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of cruising to the Pacific Islands. To my young mind it seemed the epitome of exotic paradise. We discovered earlier this year that we actually really enjoy cruising after many years of thinking we wouldn’t and refusing to go on them.

We can’t wait to just eat, relax, and play with Kalyra and Savannah on our 7 day cruise on the Pacific Dawn to Noumea, New Caledonia and Vanauatu.

Oh and we are sure ready to welcome the sun with open arms!

South East Queensland – 1 week

We always love visiting Queensland. We are going to spend a couple of nights in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. It’s a special place for us as it is where Kalyra was born and spent her first 18 months. We haven’t been back since 2008.

We are planning on visiting the world famous Australia Zoo, where Craig once worked. We also want to have dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant again and lunch at our favourite Queensland Surf club.

From there it is back to the Gold Coast for four days of rest and to celebrate our beautiful baby girl, Savannah, turning one.

Malaysia – 4 days

I am leaving the day we get back for a short trip to Malaysia with Malaysian Airlines and Tourism Malayasia. I just want to eat roti and laksa all day and roll around in the humidity.

I will be checking off a major bucket list experience- the orangutans in Borneo. I saw them in the wild in Bukit Lawang, Sumatra in 97 on a jungle trek. It was pretty special. I’m excited to see them again.

Travel Update: One Month on the Road ,


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