The Afternoon Snack: Travel Edition

28 Jan

Kids.jpgTraveling with your kids is one of life’s greatest adventures. It can be a splendid memory that they’ll remember when they have children of their own, or if your kids are like mine, there had better be plenty to do while on those long hours on the highway or airplane otherwise chaos will ensue.


Something I have found to be helpful is having some snacks for the kids to enjoy while we’re spending our quality time together. Vacations are a great excuse to get to try new foods or to snack on healthy items we don’t usually have around the house. Whatever, you choose, make it part of the adventure!

Here are some great snacks that are quick to prepare:

– Raisins (individually packed)

– Breakfast cereal that is low in sugar and high in fiber (this can be easily packed into zip-top bags)

– Fruit! Bananas, oranges, apples, peaches and grapes are already made-to-go naturally. To make things easier, consider peeling and segmenting the oranges, or slicing apples ahead of time and don’t forget something for the sticky leftovers.

– Other great items include: hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, carrots and almonds.

For other great tips for traveling with youngsters, check out the Kids section of the Trip Planner on!

The Afternoon Snack: Travel Edition ,


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