Great Hiking Sites on the Westcoast

28 Jan

hiking.jpgHere are some of my favorite hiking spots and trails on the west coast of North America, all worth considering exploring before we lose this lovely summer weather. These are (mostly) for all ages and can be a great family trip to take before we head into the busy fall and holiday season!


Pacific Rim National Park
British Columbia, Canada

In beautiful BC on the west coast of Canada. Here you’ll find 22km of sand along beautiful Long Beach. You can hike along a ledge about the beach and you’ll be treated to the sound of the roaring ocean as you take in the scenic views.
If you want to catch a glimpse of some whales, head to the Amphitrite Lighthouse, located in the town of Uclulelet, which is 20 minutes south.

Sequoia National Forest
California, USA

There is some great hiking that is suitable for kids – such as the Paradise Ridge Trail and the Hockett Trail. If you are kid-free on your trip and want a greater challenge, head over to Mineral King Valley.
You’ll be surrounded by humungous Sequoia tree stumps as well, so be sure to bring a camera!

El Capitan Canyon
California, USA

This is a great place to come with the kids as there are a ton of family friendly activities available including biking along the beach, whale watching, and feeding llamas and goats.

Wherever you decide to hike, remember to slather on the sunscreen and bug spray and don’t forget your camera to capture all your great memories. Enjoy the great outdoors and have FUN!

Great Hiking Sites on the Westcoast ,


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