A view of Modern Rome

28 Jan


When people think about Rome their thoughts automatically go to the Forum Romanum, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and all the other amazing monuments of majestic ancient Rome.

A close view of the Auditorium

A close view of the Auditorium “Parco della Musica” in Rome

But Rome is not only about “old stuff” and ancient history. Rome is also one of the Italian cities where all the most famous artists and architects want to leave a trace of their work.


Auditorium Parco della Musica

One of the most fabulous examples of modern art & architecture in Rome is the Auditorium “Parco della Musica” (Music Park) designed by the most famous Italian modern architect: Renzo Piano. This beautiful structure is composed of 3 concert halls (Sala Petrassi, Sala Sinopoli and Sala Santa Cecilia) and by an open theater that recalls the structure of an ancient roman theater.


Auditorium Parco della Musica: Sala Santa Cecilia

Auditorium Parco della Musica: Sala Santa Cecilia

It was inaugurated in 2002 and it’s now the most visited music facility in the world! This music temple is definitely worth a visit or, even better, you can check the official website and see if you can enjoy a nice night of music in this unique venue!


Ara Pacis

Ara Pacis: external view

Ara Pacis: external view

A example of how ancient and modern live together in Rome is the Ara Pacis. This altar to peace was built between the 13th and 9th centuries BC to celebrate Augustus’ victories and the new peace established in the empire.

Ara Pacis: internal view

Ara Pacis: internal view

The altar itself is, of course, really old, but in 2006 it was enclosed inside a new building surrounding the altar (to protect it) designed by the American architect Richard Meier. The new protective building was inaugurated in 2006 and, 6 years later, there is still a lot discussion about this project since some people love it and some hate it.


MAXXI modern art museum

MAXXI Rome: external view

MAXXI Rome: external view

If you have already visited the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum and you would like to visit a modern museum, the museum MAXXI is what you are locking for! MAXXI means Modern Art XXI (century). The futuristic structure is designed by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid.

MAXXI Rome: one of the exposition

MAXXI Rome: one of the exposition

The project was announced in 1998 and took over 10 years to realize it… The MAXXI consists of 2 museums, one dedicated the the arts and another one dedicated to architecture.



MACRO: the entrance of the old factory

MACRO: the entrance of the old factory

And if the MAXXI is not enough, you can also visit the brand new MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome). This museum was opened in 2002 and is hosted in a former factory of Peroni, the most famous Italian beer.

MACRO Rome: internal view

MACRO Rome: internal view

The old building has been restored and renewed with the addition of several spaces to host the permanent collection of the museum. The project has been assigned to the French architect Odile Decq.


These are just a few examples of how a city with such an important past like Rome is trying to project itself in the future, to give space to modern art and to create a strong connection between history and innovation!
If you have more tips to share with our readers, please leave them in a comment below. Grazie mille!

A view of Modern Rome ,


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