The Best Fiorentina in Florence

27 Jan

Sorry, but that warning was really needed since today we are gonna talk about one of the most amazing, famous and challenging dishes you can have in Italy: the “bistecca alla Fiorentina” or, if you prefer, “beefsteak Florentine style”!

Bistecca alla Fiorentina
For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Fiorentina is one of the main dishes of the Tuscan kitchen and it consists of a T-bone steak seasoned with salt (sometimes also with black pepper), grilled over a wood or charcoal fire and served with just a little bit of olive oil on top. Doesn’t look so unique, does it? Indeed the uniqueness of the Fiorentina is the cut: 1/1,5 kg, 3 fingers thick, and how the meat is served: invariably very rare, just 3-5 minutes grilling per side and 5-7 minutes vertically standing on its bone so as to make the blood pour out.

Since the Fiorentina is typically from Tuscany, you can imagine that in Florence there are many restaurants (or trattorie) where the Fiorentina is the specialty and this is my list of the top places where you can taste and experience this amazing pearl of the Italian cuisine!

Trattoria Mario

The Trattoria Mario is located in the center of Florence, in via Rossina 2. This trattoria was opened in 1953 and is one of the best places where you can taste the Fiorentina. The price (take it as an indication) for a Fiorentina is about €37 per Kilo.

Trattoria Da Burde

Trattoria Da BurdeThe Trattoria Da Burde, real Tuscan cuisine since 1901, is another place where you can try the bistecca alla Fiorentina (and also a lot of other dishes of traditional Florentine cuisine).  It’s not in the city center, but it’s definitely worth a visit! The price for a Fiorentina, here, is also about €37 per Kilo.

Trattoria da Ginone

Trattoria da GinoneThe Trattoria da Ginone (literally Ginone means the “big Luigi”) is located in via De’ Serragli 35, in the center of Florence. They don’t have an official website or a Facebook page, but their Fiorentina is famous enough to make this one of the top restaurants in Florence according to TripAdvisor. The price for a Fiorentina is about €42 per kilo.

Antica Trattoria da Tito

Since 1913 the antica Trattoria da Tito is one of the best Florentine trattorie in town! located really close to Piazza della Liberta’, in Via San Gallo 112, it’s one of the oldest restaurants in Florence where you can taste an amazing Fiorentina while the owner of the trattoria makes fun of you. The price for a Fiorentina is the average, about €39 per kilo.

Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi

Trattoria 13 GobbiLast, but not the least, the Trattoria dei Gobbi, via del Porcellana 9, is really close to the Santa Maria Novella Church. It is not their specialty, but they still manage to serve a sublime Fiorentina for about €40 per kilo.

As you can imagine, these are not the only places where you can taste a Fiorentina, but these are the ones that I know for sure about (from my personal experience or from some friends) and where the prices are not so high.

If you have any other suggestions based on your experience, please be my guest and let us know where we can also taste some amazing Fiorentina!

Ah, I almost forgot, here’s a map with the Trattorie I mentioned in the post, ENJOY!

The Best Fiorentina in Florence ,


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