In Your Face Moi Statue: Easter Island

25 Jan

Moi Statue

The Moi Statues on Easter Island are nothing but amazing.  I considered putting up one of the standard pictures of Easter Island with the popular 15 statue that is called Ahu Tongariki.  What you see above is the the actual quarry where all of the Moi Status where mined.  The natives chipped away at rock on the mountain that you see above which is part of the extinct Rana Roratka Volcano.  Here you can see an endless array of Moi Statues on the hillside and also see one of some Moi Statues that were still being carved out of the stone in the rock.  Once you walk far from the entry you will be able to see the popular 15 statue Ahu Tongariki with an areal view of the island.  Overall it was a great exprience and wouldn’t mind going back on my way to French Polynesia.  I was even able to get some day trading done as the internet cafe in the center of town allowed me to connect my laptop to get some work done.

In Your Face Moi Statue: Easter Island ,


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