South West Rocks NSW and the Big 4 Caravan Park

24 Jan


south west rocks

One of the best ways to see Australia is to travel by car and stay in caravan parks around the country.

This is really popular with Australians which makes it a perfect opportunity for international tourists to get to know the Australian culture.

It also means you get to discover beautiful, serene natural places that aren’t on the usual tourist trail.

Australia is full of off-the-beaten path experiences

If you are looking for natural beauty, the opportunity to get up close to our native animals, and nice beaches then make your way to South West Rocks NSW on the mid-north coast of NSW.

It’s just a 20 minute detour off the Legendary Pacific Coast Drive to get there, but the detour is well worth it.

South West Rocks is surrounded by National Parks and beaches which means this small town of 4,000 does not have room to grow. The developers can’t really get in so there are no high rises and only a small offering of cafes and restaurants.

Instead you’re going to get a whole lot of beauty and relaxation like:

Wild kangaroos hanging out by the beach in Little Bay

They will let you get close for photos but don’t try to pat or feed.  kangaroos in South West Rocks

South WEst Rocks kangaroos

Kangaroos on Little Bay

When driving out to the lighthouse we met this Skippy by the side of the road. He was massive and happy to let us film him have a good scratch

big red kangaroo

That damn itch is here somewhere

Lighthouses with views out to the coastlines

And perhaps some passing whales if you are there at the right time.

Smoky Cape Lighthouse

You can even stay here

South WEst Rocks lighthouse

Travel blogger at work capturing the views

South West Rocks

Hat Head National Park

Historic Trial Bay Gaol

German interments imprisoned here during World War II had the best views of anyone in South West Rocks or any gaol in the world.

The building is slowly being restored, but for now you can wander through the historic, roofless structure, see a few kangas jumping around, and admire the views and the gorgeous structure of the gaol.

Trial Bay Gaol

Driving up to the entrance

Trial Bay Gaol South West Rocks

Prison views

Trial Bay Gaol South West Rocks

Crumbling ruins

Trial Bay Gaol South West Rocks

Coastal Nature walks

You can walk from the lighthouse around to Trial Bay Gaol through the National Park and along the coast, which takes about four hours. It’s up and down hills but it’s not too strenuous as it’s possible to walk with children.

Hat head National Park

Hat Head National Park

Gorgeous beaches

Hat Head National Park

Where the creek meets the sea

Small town

Head into town and enjoy a coffee. Take some photos of the lovely main beach and South West Rocks creek area.

South West Rocks

The main town beach and creek

cafe South West Rocks

Beautiful drives

The drive into South West Rocks goes through farmlands and coastal forest and the drives around town and through the national park are beautiful.

south West Rocks

South West Rocks

Kookaburras to laugh with

This kookaburra was happy to sit on our cabin deck and let us get up close for a photo. Savannah was fascinated and quickly reached out to see what would happen if she pulled the kookaburras tail. He turned sharply with a stern look, but continued sitting happily.


Don’t pull the tail

wild kookaburra

Big 4 Caravan Park

We stayed at the Big 4 Trial Bay Caravan Park in the Hat head National Park and would highly recommend it.

The park is well catered to for families with plenty of great playground areas, a jumping pillow, games room and entertainment area.

Our cabin also came set up with toys for the girls as well as an activity pack for them to record their experiences through pictures and words.

Our cabin was cosy and had perfect breakfast and afternoon views out to the bushland. We had kitchen facilities and a comfortable lounge area which I enjoyed while drinking a glass of red wine and watching the Olympics’ closing ceremony.

You can easily walk to town or to the beach from the park and it is close to all the nature trails around the Hat Head National Park.

Leanne, the owner is really friendly and has plenty of insider local tips on the South West Rocks area.

Big 4 caravan park South West Rocks

Our cabin

Big 4 caravan park

The view from our cabin balcony

Big 4 caravan park

Our comfy cabin bedroom

Big 4 caravan park

Savannah loved the toys in the girl’s room

Big 4 caravan park

Bailey the bear guards over the living space

Big 4 caravan park

The kid’s playground

Big 4 caravan park

The jumping pillow

The accommodation at the caravan park ranges from campsites to caravan sites, cabins and luxury cabins.

Apart from the standard caravan park facilities like outdoor barbeques, pools and playgrounds, the Big 4 also welcomes you to join come together each day for morning tea, they have real coffees available every day, lots of games to entertain the family and the ultimate parent-sanity saver- kids club!!

What could you see yourself doing at South West Rocks NSW?

South West Rocks NSW and the Big 4 Caravan Park ,


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