Grand Canyon Float #1: Adventurers on Vacation

21 Jan

Photograph by Joe Riis

When I think of classic adventure here at home in the U.S., I think of climbing El Cap and rafting the Grand Canyon. They’re accessible and doable to many, but they are still pure adventure to the core—the kind of experience most all of us are looking for.

Photograph by Joe Riis; From left: Joe Riis, Michael Zarecky, Sarah McNail-Landry, Hillery Lynn, Erik Boomer, Hannah Tay, Luc Strickland, Chris Valiante, Andy Maser, Jeff Jewell, Seth Carson, Maggie Smith, Jenny Nichols, Emilene Ostlind, Eric McNair-Landry

This is the first live post from a group of professional adventurers on vacation—a vacation together down the Grand Canyon for pure fun … and sending live updates and pictures via satellite connection along the way.

Photograph by Joe Riis

Here we are, 16 young folk spending 21 days floating 280 miles though one of the most spectacular canyons around during the best time of the year to be here. We’re an eclectic bunch—a couple pro kayakers, polar explorers, National Geographic photographers and filmmakers, river guides, artists, Wyomin’ outlaws, and SoDak flatlanders. National Geographic connects us, and the river brings us all together looking for a grand time. This is what we do when we are not on assignment and traveling to some far flung place. The adventure has begun; come along for the next three weeks of a Grand raft trip.



Grand Canyon Float #1: Adventurers on Vacation


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